EPIK starts to accept application by online from 2020 Fall intake.

Link : https://univ.jinhakapply.com/univ924102.aspx

You will create your account and apply for EPIK 2020 Fall intake.

It’s a first come, first served basis.

An early submission would give you a higher chance of getting an early interview appointment.

The application form is straightforward but many applicants make errors on the form itself, the personal essay, and the lesson plan.

Please check for errors before you submit the application forms.

Here’s what you need to submit:

  1. EPIK application form– this is done online. Please follow the guide closely as there are specific procedures for each section.

Here’s Guide for you.

  • Please make sure you should choose your classification as “Hands Korea” so we can help your application process.
  • Particularly pay attention to the essay portion, as this is one of the most important sections of the application.
  • Take care to ensure your photo follows the requirements listed
  • Make sure you have proofread your entire application because once submitted revisions are NOT possible. ( No worry, we can revise your application for you)

*Putting a wide range of available interview times will give you better possibility for an earlier interview.

  1. Two Letter of Recommendation (LOR)  – scanned copy of original letter from the referee with ink signature on it. (Please see the reference letter template in the attachment)  *date of issue / ink signature / contact info of referee (email and phone number) / title of referee are mandatory for EPIK LOR.
  • For each reference letter simply upload them to the two upload sections under “file upload” on the online form.
  • For details about the nature of these reference letters click on the link labeled “apply now” within the reference letter section of the online form.
  1.   Current Contracts and Primary Schooling  – scanned copies of both (depending on if needed, see below).
  • If you currently teaching in Korea please upload the contract within the same section as the recommendation letters (it is directly below). The online application will let you know which pages of the contract to scan and upload.
  • *For South Africans you must provide schooling letters proving that your schooling was done in English for at least 10 years. This can be uploaded in the same section as the recommendation letters (just below it, after the current teaching contracts).

If you are interested in applying for Fall intake EPIK 2020, please submit online your application form along with two Letters of recommendation.

After you submit your application by online, please e-mail to us so we can check your application and let you know if there’s anything to revise.