Founded in 2007, HandSKorea has a company history of innovation, with a belief that finding the right fit for a client and candidate creates an engaged and energized workforce.

HandSKorea is a recruiting company based in Seoul, South Korea that has been placing native English speakers into public and private schools throughout South Korea.

Moreover, HandSKorea is working with the South Korean government, offices of education, commercial education franchises, private academies (hagwon), and public school teaching programs such as GOE, EPIK, SMOE, and GEPIK.

Throughout the years, HandSKorea has recruited thousands of native English speaking teachers from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa, placing them all throughout South Korea. The company has also built strong relationships with various public school teaching programs and private academies, building on industry insight.

Hero Ha  – CEO & Managing Director


Hero is the CEO and managing director of HandSKorea. He works with the Korean Education Offices and other businesses to make sure that the company can always be professional and provide the finest services.

Matthew Hwang – Division & Marketing manager


Matthew is the division manager at HandSKorea. He is an expertise of the EPIK & GEPIK programs. Not only does he stay on top of latest policies and changes in the programs, but he also communicates and creates relationships with new business partners all throughout Korea to ensure HandSKorea works to the best of our clients and candidates.

How to stay strong? Come to HandSKorea then you will know

Hero Ha (CEO), HandSKorea
Matthew Hwang, HandSKorea