Schools in Korea value all teaching experience. However in-country experience looks extremely good on a resume or application. The document in question is called a 경력중명서. Just like an overseas teaching experience proof document, this is written by one of your superiors at your school. See the example below. If you show this to one of your teachers at your school they will know what to do. If they for some reason don’t, feel free to talk to us or have them talk to us.

We get applicants of all types interested in teaching in Korea. From those who have zero teaching experience looking to take their first plunge into the teaching world to those who are have already established themselves as experienced teachers back home or elsewhere. For those in the latter category, Korean schools want to see what you’ve done! You can have your school write a proof of teaching document using the template below. While experience outside of Korea isn’t quite as valued as that from within the country, you should absolutely have your school(s) fill this out as it can potentially give you a higher salary.