Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education (GOE) program is a public school English teaching program in the southern Gyeongsang province of Korea (Gyeongsangnam-do). Gyeongsangnam-do is a beautiful province located near Busan, Ulsan, and Daegu. It is known for rich tradition, history, and amazing food. You’ll have quick access to major cities, including Seoul, via Korea Train Express (KTX), South Korea’s high-speed rail system. Those who participate in the GOE program have the ability to be placed in either large metropolitan cities like Changwon and Gimhae, or in smaller scenic towns for those who wish to enjoy a relaxed life in the southern countryside. On GOE’s application applicants are allowed to put down 2 preferences: 1 for a major city and 1 for a smaller town. While GOE does their best to accommodate requests, please keep in mind that preferences cannot be guaranteed.

Many future teachers keep asking about GOE orientation and some teachers think they may not need GOE orientation. However, GOE orientation is so useful and important for new teachers who will start teaching job in Korea, especially, at GOE. GOE orientations have always been a part of GOE program that has been of great concern. So GOE and HandSKorea received many complaints from teachers claiming it felt as if we just threw them into the ocean before giving them life preservers.
This is why orientation was elongated to include the health checks however, even though it gives us more time with the teachers before they go to their schools, its still a rather abrupt introduction into Korean life.
Therefore, GOE orientation will be held for 2 days starting with June orientation. So please find the attached document to read about

This new orientation means teachers will have to pay for an extra day of hotel fee’s and taxi fee’s which GOE understand can be a hassle, however, I think it’s absolutely worth it, if it means GOE teachers get some valuable time learning more about the Korean culture, and school cultures before heading off to their location.

Contract period
All GOE contracts are for 12 months.

Work Hours
9 a.m to 5 p.m / Eight (8) hours per day for five (5) calendar days per week from Monday to Friday.

Class Instruction Hours / Teaching Hours
Shall not exceed twenty-two (22) teaching hours per week, GOE Teacher shall be entitled to 20,000 won per Class Instruction Hours.

National and school holiday(s)
Shall not work on Saturdays, Sundays,  and any national holidays of the Republic of Korea. Any other standard days off recognized by the school will not be considered as paid leave.

Sick days
Shall not exceed 11 working days during the term of employment. The first three (3) days of sick leave taken require a doctor’s medical report.

Special Leave
1. 5 days for the employee’s marriage, one (1) day for the marriage of the employee’s child.
2. 5 days for paternity leave.
3. 5 days for the death of the employee’s parents, spouse, spouse’s parents, or siblings; 2 days for the death of the employee’s or spouse’s grandparents; 2 days for the death of the employee’s child or child’s spouse.
4. In case of a female employee, 90 continuous calendar days shall be granted for a maternity leave. In the case of maternity leave, only the first 60 days shall be paid leave; the last 30 days shall be unpaid leave.
5. Female employee with a child aged less than one year shall be entitled to 30-minute nursing time twice a day.

Codes of Conduct
a. GOE teacher shall not behave in any manner which may damage the reputation of the school or of the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education.
b. GOE teacher shall dress applicable to Korean teachers.
c. GOE teacher shall not engage in any other employment (including any part-time, private or self-employment, or online instruction)
d. GOE teacher shall not be involved in any activity which could cause harm to the students or be of detriment to the reputation of the school.
e. GOE teacher must not disclose any confidential information about their co-workers, school or program.
f. GOE teacher must sign a security pledge and returning the acquired confidential documents or materials to the school or GOE upon the completion/termination of the contract.

Termination of the Contract
1. GOE teacher violates the laws of the Republic of Korea
2. GOE teacher violates the Codes of Conduct
3. GOE teacher works in Korea without holding the required valid visa such as E-2 visa, etc.
4. Gaining three or more written notices
5. GOE teacher engages in any other employment (including any part-time, private or self-employment, or online instruction)
6. GOE teacher fails to perform his/her duties for more than five working days without receiving prior consent from the Employer.
7. Any of the information provided in the GOE teacher’s application is false or inaccurate.
8. GOE teacher fails the medical exam in Korea in accordance with the requirements of the Korean Immigration Office and the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education.
9. It is determined that the GOE teacher is prevented from or incapable of performing the duties.
10. The total number of days of sick leave (both paid and unpaid) used by the GOE teacher pursuant.
11. In the case GOE teacher is found guilty of violating Korean law, an investigation will take place after which the appropriate punishment will be determined.

Duties and Responsibility

① Prepare teaching materials and lesson plans for English class(es) and also assist with and/or lead the development and creation of teaching materials related to English language education. Furthermore, assist with and/or lead activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities such as but not limited to editing or creating English documents, judging contests, conducting teacher training, working at English camps, etc
② Conduct English conversational class(es)/course(s) for Korean teachers and students and perform other duties as designated by the Employer including various English programs during the school vacation period.
③ School becomes aware of any illegal action( Narcotics, etc…) by the teacher.
④ The teacher shall not behave in any manner including the orientation period occurring after entering Korea. Also the teacher shall observe and comply with any codes of conduct and dress applicable to Korean teachers.
⑤ The teacher shall not engage in any other employment during the Term of Employment
⑥ The teacher shall not be involved in any activity which could cause harm to the students or be of detriment to the reputation of the school.

Be a citizen of a country where English is the primary language:
USA/ Canada/ Australia/ New Zealand/ England/ Ireland and South Africa

Educational background
① In order to be eligible, studying 7th grade until Univ. in one of 7th designated countries for a minimum of 10 years
② Any degree or diploma upper than Bachelor’s
Clean Criminal Record Check
Record check must be clean and properly processed (depending on the country, this will differ)
TESOL / CELTA / TEFL certificate
A certificate with at least 100 hours is the minimum requirement but it is highly recommended to have an in-class component of 20 hours or more.
Physical and psychological Health test
Upon arriving in Korea, applicant will be required to do a general medical check-up including a drug test at a designated hospital.
① Applicants over 50 years old are required to have teaching experience.
② The maximum age limit is 62 yrs at the time of application (teacher’s retirement)

Step 1. Contact HandSKorea.

Applicants must send their resume to main.hsk@hotmail.com. If the applicant is suitable, one of our recruiters will contact the applicant about an individual interview session to help decide which positions are best for the candidate.

Step 2. Submit GOE application & initial documents (2 LoRs (Letter of References) + Introduction video)

Applicants must complete the GOE application and then get two letters of reference (2 LoRs). LoRs can be obtained from a superior from any previous employment or a professor. Letters must contain company’s logo, company’s address, company’s phone number, and referee’s email address/phone number/referee’s position/ink signature (not electronic signature). Finally, a 2-3 min long intro video including a short introduction and a short warm up/demo lesson for an imagined classroom.

Step 3. Mock interview with HandSKorea

Once applicants send their application and essential documents, HandSKorea will contact applicants to make a mock interview schedule for preparing the actual interview with GOE interviewer.

Step 4. GOE interview

GOE will schedule an interview time for acceptanced applicants. The entire interview may take 30 to 40 minutes.

Step 5. Job Offer

If the interview is successful GOE will notify us right away and we will notify you just the same.

Step 6. Submit Remaining Documents

Applicants must get ready to send in all their required final documents to HandSKorea during the specified submission timeline. When HandSKorea receives said documents, we do a double check of each document and send them to GOE for review.

Step 7. Get NOA & Apply VISA

After the applicant is confirmed with GOE, GOE will send out a Notice Of Appointment (NOA) and contract. After that, the applicant must bring the original contract after signing on each page & NOA, application form, consul’s checklist, original passport, and application fee to their closest Korean Embassy/Consulate.

Step 8. Book a one-way ticket

Once the applicant obtains his/her VISA, he/she must book a one-way plane ticket to South Korea. While the ticket’s cost must be paid upfront by the applicant, the airfare will be reimbursed by the school within 30 days upon arrival to Korea.

Step 9. Teachers’ successful orientation in GOE.

When the teacher arrives to GIMHAE airport, he/she will take the appropriate transportation to the orientation place.

Step 10. Teach!

Wow! Finally, you are officially an GOE teacher! Congratulations! You will gain great experiences from teaching in Korea!

Just as with all opportunities for teaching in Korea, GOE has terrific benefits:


① Semi furnished housing is provided. Rent is covered by the school. The teacher must cover all utilities. More often than not the accommodation is what is called a “one room” in Korea (usually referred to as a studio in the west). Typically includes a bed, bathroom with shower, cooking range, refrigerator unit, and wardrobe. Extra amenities may be provided but this will vary by accommodation.

② If the teacher so chooses, the school shall provide the teacher with 400,000 Korean Won (KRW) per month as a rent subsidy.

③ The employer shall provide couples housing only to married couples jointly employed by the Employer.

Entrance / Exit Allowance

①A 1,300,000 Korean Won (KRW) Entrance / Exit Allowance. The Entrance Allowance is not offered to teacher who are renewing their contract.

② In case of the termination of this Contract within the first six (6) months, the Employee shall immediately pay back to the Employer

Settlement Allowance

① GOE provides as a one time Settlement Allowance of 300,000 Korean Won (KRW) only for the first-year contract.

②In the case that the teacher is working in a remote area (as designated by the Gyeongsangnam- Office of Education), the teacher may be eligible for a Rural Allowance of 100,000 Korean Won (KRW) per month.

Renewal Allowance

① The Employer shall provide the teacher with 1,300,000 Korea Won which shall be paid within one month. An additional 700,000 Korean Won will be given as a Contract Renewal Allowance after the successful completion of the renewed contract.

② In case of the termination of the Renewal Contract within the first 6 months, the remaining 700,000 Korean Won of the Contract Renewal Allowance will be forfeited.

Paid Vacation 

① A vacation period of a total of 18 working days during the Term . The teacher shall have vacation for 8 working days during the summer recess and 10 working days during the winter recess respectively.

② Regardless of the number of days over which the Paid Leave falls, 8 accumulated hours of Paid Leave shall be counted as one day. This includes tardiness, early leave, other absences during the work day and/or half-days of Paid Leave.

Sick Day 

① GOE teacher is allowed to get sick days up to 11 days. If GOE teacher leave more than 11 days, teacher must give a doctor’s note to employer or school. Any working days beyond the 11-day limit will be unpaid. Sick days are not able to be “rolled-over” to a renewing contract.

Special Leave 

① Paid Special Leave for a number of days as set forth below for each of the following events stated herein only with the express consent of the Employer. The duration of the Special Leave excluding maternity leave shall not include Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays of the Republic of Korea. 1. 5 days for the teacher’s marriage, 1 day for the marriage of the teacher’s child. 5 days for paternity leave. 5 days for the death of the teacher’s parents or spouse or spouse’s parents or siblings. 2 days for the death of the teacher’s or spouse’s grandparents. 2 days for the death of the teacher’s child or child’s spouse. 90 continuous calendar days shall be granted for a maternity leave (female teacher). Female teacher with a child aged less than one year shall be entitled to 30-minute-nursing time twice a day.
Medical Insurance premium 

① On behalf of the teacher, the Employer shall provide 50% of the teacher’s medical insurance premium (including spouse and/or children) -live with him or her in Korea- pursuant to the National Medical Insurance Act of Korea. Medical insurance is full-coverage and include health, vision, & dental. Enrolling will be automatically enrolled upon the start of the contract.

① The teacher shall be paid the salary set via the GOE pay scale (see the bottom of the page) minus income tax, residence tax, medical insurance premium, and national pension contribution.
② Salary shall be paid on the 25th of the month. If the 25th of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a national holiday, the salary shall be paid on the immediately preceding business day.
③ If the teacher should be absent from work, the Employee’s salary for that month shall be prorated according to the corresponding number of unauthorized absent days.

GOE GET Program Eligibility

GOE places teachers into both cities and smaller towns throughout the southern Gyeongsang province. Gyeongnam is known for it’s coastal cities and islands such as Changwon, Tongyoung, and Namhae, as well as the countryside around Hapcheon and Miryang.

241 Joongang-daero, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea 641-719 (51430)