Now that you’ve decided on a program, it’s time to get started on your visa. The general steps to getting a visa for working in Korea are documents -> contract -> apply. Each of these steps can be broken down into many smaller ones but rest assured we are with you 100% of the way.

Documents are a vital and sizable portion of the work it takes to get a visa for Korea. Depending on the type of school you are applying for these can vary slightly, but by and large documents for Korean work visas are interchangeable. Speaking of visas, the two different types of visas teachers generally come here on are:

  • E2: This is for the vast majority of teachers. Chances are if you’re from a native-speaking English country, you will be getting an E2 (see eligibility for more information). E2 visas are strictly for teaching; no other work is allowed to be done on an E2.
  • F4: This is for those whom any parent is of Korean descent. Even if you do not have citizenship, chances are if you have Korean blood you will be eligible for an F4. F4 visas are not just for teachingm in fact you can do just about any work while on an F4 visa.

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