The following are common mistakes applicants make when filling out VISA applications and submitting documents.



Solid, white background

Photocopy/scan of passport photo page:

-Please scan the front page of your passport. This has your photo as well as your general information (DOB, passport issuance/expiration, etc.)

-Bar code on the bottom needs to be clearly visible

-Can be in color or black/white

Document processing, particularly with degrees and background checks, can be quite specific. Look out for these pitfalls:

  • United States
    • There are two ways to apostile a document in the US: via the state and via federal, and they are not interchangeable. Your degree may be apostiled either way (although you might as well do it via the state as it is faster and less costly). However, your background check must be apostiled via the federal level. Any FBI checks apostiled via the state will have to be redone.
  • South Africa
    • In South Africa one can apostile either at DIRCO (the Department of International Relations and Cooperation) or at the higher court. Both of these are in Pretoria and unfortunately they are not interchangeable (as they once were). As of now only apostiles from DIRCO will be accepted in Korea.
    • For degrees, the process used to be identical to background checks. However as of the beginning of 2020 an extra step was added: SAQA (South African Qualification Authority) will be issuing verification on degrees before apostiling at DIRCO. Communication with SAQA must be established (via email) before sending them your degree copy. Once SAQA issues the verification letter only then can you get it sent to DIRCO for apostilization.
  • Canada
    • Canada’s process is relatively straight forward compared to the other countries. Just be sure to get that oh-so-important consular’s seal from the Korean embassy in your particular area.

Like many countries in Asia, Korea’s standard for a teacher’s education begins at the bachelors level. What is important to note is that regardless of what other degrees one may have, a bachelors degree still must be present as well. This goes for all of the following:

  • Associates Degrees
  • Honors Degrees
  • Masters Degrees
  • Doctorates/PHD

In most situations it is perfectly fine to only process (i.e. apostile) your bachelors degree before coming over. You are absolutely free to additionally process your masters or any other degree, but just make sure you have your bachelors done as well. The few situations where it could be an advantage to additionally process an upper degree would be if said degree was in English or education/TESOL. In this situation you may have the possibility for a higher salary (this will highly depend on the type of school you choose to apply for).