The following are common mistakes applicants make when filling out VISA applications and submitting documents.



Solid, white background

Photocopy/scan of passport photo page:

-Only the page that has your photo

-Barcode on the bottom needs to be clearly visible

-Can be in color (recommended) or black/white

Degree and Criminal Background Check:

-The original apostille needs to be on the photocopy of the diploma (not a copy of the apostilled diploma)

-The degree and criminal background check should be apostilled separately

For any apostille, please do not undo the attachments.

-i.e. Please do not undo the staples

-i.e. Please do not remove the sticker

-i.e. Please do not untie the ribbon

Criminal Background Check for USA:

-It must be an FBI background check

-The FBI background check should be obtained on security paper (blue paper that when copied, shows ‘copy’ on the copied paper)

-FBI background check needs to be done by the US Department of State, and not the Secretary of State (it should be done on a yellow paper)

For South African applicants:

-Criminal Background Check apostille should be done by Department of Foreign Affairs in Pretoria, not by higher court

-Degree apostille needs to be notarized by the Department of Higher Education and Training

Apostille on copy of Honor’s degree is unacceptable, only apostille on copy of Bachelor’s degree, copy of Master’s degree, or copy of PhD will be accepted.